Odor-B-Gone, Odor Eliminating Carpet Shampoo, the Original All Natural Odor Eliminator


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Odor Eliminating Carpet Shampoo

Removes Odors And Gets Carpets Soft, Freshand Looking Like New Again.

Works in any type of shampooer, including rental shampooers.

This special concentrated carpet shampoo removes odors — especially cat urine odors — and cleans your carpets so that they look like new again in one easy step. The powerful cleaner & degreaser gets out even ground in dirt and grime. A special natural extract from the Yucca plant permanently removes the odors — it KILLS them, does not just covering them up.

Easy to use.

  • Mix 6 oz. of shampoo per gallon with cold water in the shampooer for a bright, clean carpet that is completely odor free.
  • Two quarts mixed as directed will completely clean and deodorize over 100 square yards of carpet.
  • Use with excellent results in any type of shampooer, including rental shampooers.

This shampoo is non-toxic, contains no phosphates and has an unconditional money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Comes in 32oz. bottle and gallon bottle.
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Odor-B-Gone not only removes all kinds of pet odors, but it also has literally hundreds of household uses in garbage cans, garbage disposals, musty closets, bathrooms, refrigerator, nursery, sick rooms, sneakers, etc. . Odor-B-Gone has no odor of its own, so it kills odors – actually neutralizes odors – rather than only covering them up. Odor-B-Gone is nontoxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe and packaged in a recyclable bottle. Comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

“It is the most amazing carpet cleaner and deodorizer my wife and I have come across the stains did come up and the odor is gone.” Mike Israel – Archison, KS